Piano lessons

Piano Lessons

Welcome to my Web site for pianists.My name is Ronald Reis. The information presented here is based on the learning obtained from years of Conservatory of Piano teachers lessons, books, courses, and pianists who have influenced at my career as Professor of Piano and harmony.
Although initially the educational information is intended for aspiring pianists from beginner and medium, the students experience tells me it is a material that have taken advantage of other instrumentalists including violinists, guitarists and saxophonists.
This is because many broad concepts offers the study of harmony, scales and composition for the Piano and they are easily transportable to other instruments.
The students have different attributes:
Difficulties for music theory and use of different metrics.
Students with great display of keyboard and imitation but rejection of reading.
Automation and coordination problems.
Students with great capacity for reading but difficulty of memorizing.
Lack of theoretical-methodological and practical knowledge of harmony as a complementary tool.
Is that I don’t think is easy to play the Piano in a way more or less decent. That’s why do not seem very appropriate courses pre armed sold already generic, the Piano does not possess anything.
On the other hand, the instruction of lessons seems successful whether face-to-face or online but supervised 100% of a professor.
It is the only way to build with the student, the routine needed for that student in particular.
The idea is the student discover their points to correct and through that step routine, they can be corrected.
As a general rule, nobody learns to play the Piano a self-taught and perhaps Mozart was the exception confirmed the rule.
Therefore, private, way, 1 to 1, student teacher instruction, is the only service I offer with real possibilities of obtaining good results.
The site aims to provide also a diversity of aspects to general knowledge. In music, it is impossible to focus all one place and this is no exception. I think it will be a valuable tool for those always wanted to know something about the piano and never dared to ask. It might pass overlooked some very basic issues but you can quickly see it anywhere else with no difficulty.
For the purpose of presenting a comprehensive and practical project, I use a number of informatic tools to facilitate the learning process. In addition to theoretical concepts, links to my own channel as Youtube or Youku contains videos with practical and edited examples for such purposes as well as downloads of exercises to practice direct from your computer.
In terms of musical styles, classical European composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Frederik Chopin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and many more on board.
There are also tutorials students lessons where I explain what my methodology. It is not a place of solfeggio, musical styles of reading sheet music or. It is a place to learn to play the Piano.
If you wish to contact to take Piano lessons on-site or online please enter the menu of contact and send an email or coordinate an interview by Skype entering default and available times of your city.